The heart and soul of our operation is our 9 hectare vineyard located in Marlborough’s Omaka valley. The Omaka Valley, lies to the south of Marlborough’s Wairau plains and is part of a group of valleys (Ben Morven, Brancott, Omaka, Fairhall and Waihopai Valleys) referred to as the Southern Valleys. The soil in the region is made up of friable silt loam topsoil with clay loom and loess beneath, which gives intensity of flavour, colour and aroma to the wines.

While the Wairau River moderates the viticultural climate on the northern side of the Wairau River, cold air descends from the nearby Wither Hills into the Southern valleys creating a cooler, later ripening climate than that of the growing areas on the opposite, northern side of the Wairau plain. Southern Valley sites formed the majority of the first Marlborough plantings in 1973 and was also home to Marlborough’s very first plantings 100 years prior to this.

Our vineyard is one of the few hillside vineyards in Marlborough with a high proportion of clay in the soil.

Our grapes are hand harvested from low cropping vines, and the wines are produced in small batches. Our wines are intensely fruity, with intense flavours and wonderful balance.

Our vineyard has a beautiful aspect that emulates the golden slopes of the great vineyards of Burgundy. Every aspect of development was focused toward the production of high quality grapes from high density planting to utilising the northerly slopes to maximise sun exposure and much more.

With vines over ten years old we are poised to produce wines of outstanding quality and character.
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