No wine tastes quite like Marlborough’s. The north-eastern corner of New Zealand’s South Island is recognised as one of the premium wine regions of the world and is the country’s leading wine region, drawing world-wide acclaim.

Marlborough lies on a latitude comparable with other wine growing areas that have long been producing wine. Because the country is far away from any large land masses, and it’s prevailing winds, it experiences cooler summers and milder winters.

Alpine Mist wines are produced from a single vineyard estate in the Southern Valleys sub-region of the famous Marlborough wine region. The soils of the Southern Valleys that lie to the south of the Wairau plains, typically originated from glacial outwash.

Geologically these soils are acknowledged as older than the soils of the Wairau plain. Less extensively worked by the river system, these soils tend to have significant amounts of silt and gravel but also exhibit higher levels of clay.

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