Our story begins with the knowledge gained over five generations of a family that has made its living from the land. The current generation has evolved from cropping and horticulture, to nurturing vines that thrive in the fertile hillside soils of Marlborough’s Southern Valleys. From this uniquely positioned vineyard come the grapes that produce our range of stunning wines.

“As any Winemaker will tell you it is the raw material, the grapes, that define the quality of the wine. To produce outstanding fruit you need a connection with the land, an innate understanding of the soil, the seasons, the vines and the weather.

My family have been working the land for over 130 years. You could say that working the land is in my blood. Not surprisingly I too became a farmer, first with success in the production of export carrots and now, nurturing vines to produce the highest quality grapes.

By gathering small team around me, including renowned winemaker Alan McCorkindale,
I have been able to breathe life into my dream to produce some of the best wines this great country has to offer.

Grant Brown
Farmer, Grape Grower and President of Alpine Mist
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